True Launch Bar Coupon Code: 40% Discount

  • True Launch Bar Coupon Code: 40% Discount
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    With True Launch Bar, Your Files and Apps Are Just A Click Away

    True Launch Bar is a perfect replacement for the default Windows Quick Launch Bar. This tool is perfect for helping your find the files and programs that you need. Read this review to find out more information.

    Main Description

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    TrueLaunch Bar is a great alternative or replacement for the standard Windows Quick Launch Bar.

    With this tool, your files and applications are just a matter of click.

    This is perfect for finding the program that you are looking for from the crowd of icons in your desktop. True Launch Bar will make your day easier because it can solve many problems that are related to quick computer content access.

    This tool still has the same Windows desktop feel. However, your workspace will become more convenient and easier to use. You can make a customized menu on the taskbar for your favorite application. You can drag and drop essential programs there. You can select menu icons to search for an application easily. If the icons are not enough, the software shows tooltips to search what you are looking for. Having separators and submenus, it is possible to group items by topic and make a custom menu you desire. If you are a fully-fledged touch typist, then the software allows you to configure hotkeys for shortcuts and menus to launch them without touching a button.

    You Can Keep Important Things at Hand

    With this tool, searching for computer folders is the easiest part of customizing your desktop to your preferences. You can customize a menu from a folder via the program, and all you need will come to life in a matter of click. Games, Control Panel, My Documents and everything in between, you can create menus for your folders. For instance, you can make a menu having printers and control them from the context menu. The software shows thumbnails of your images in a menu or shows the list of recent document. The filters can assists you to concentrate only on the files that you want in the menu.

    Having customized menu on the taskbar, you can immediately access what you want without having to search through folders again and again. That is nice!

    You Can Put a Personal Touch with the Taskbar Applets

    As part of customizing your desktop using the software, you can also add a personal touch using the plugins. Instead of using the default shortcuts, you can add buttons that function like small applets. Imagine you can check incoming email, view weather forecast, get updated with the latest news, manage contact list in a small address book, change system parameters, change volume of music, and much much more! All these you can use via the applets on the taskbar. With their library of plugins, you can choose a lot of applets that allows you to do numerous things.

    Aside from the functionality, their applets can give an aura in your desktop and add a personalized feeling to your workspace. You can visit their website to learn more about the software. Note that the software is available 2 versions, and they are the Personal and Home & Business. You can choose the one that suits your need.

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