RoboTask Coupon Code: 50% Discount

  • RoboTask Coupon Code: 50% Discount
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    RoboTask Coupon Code gives 50% Flat discount on RoboTask for PC

    RoboTask is a simple software to automate your daily repetitive processes on Windows PC.

    Main Description

    To Get RoboTask Coupon Code, click on the REVEAL button present at the right top corner. This is Coupon Code for RoboTask Personal Edition. The Business Edition will be listed below.  Once you click on the REVEAL button, the payment cart will open in a new tab. The Coupon Code will already be applied and you can see the deducted amount before making the final Payment.

    Once the payment is made, you will receive RoboTask activation key in your email. Payment and support are dealt by the vendor itself, hence it is totally secured.

    Robotask business Coupon-Code

     RoboTask Feature Overview

    Robotask Coupon code

    RobotTask is use to automate your daily life tasks on PC. This action can include anything like daily backups, email check, FTP Sync, automatic internet connect/ disconnect etc.

    You have complete freedom to construct the flow of your work. The actions can be automated depending on events that occur on your system. For instance, auto triggering internet dial up if a disconnection was detected. Another example can be the syncing of files over FTP to server at specific time of day or specific action on your PC.

    Similarly you can configure each and every option to get the most accurate results from RoboTask. There is a manual to guide you through all the features and functionality. Watch the video below to know more about the features offered by RoboTask.

    RoboTask Coupon Code

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