Keep&Share [Keep and Share] Coupon: 40% Discount Promo Code

  • Keep&Share [Keep and Share] Coupon: 40% Discount Promo Code
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    An Efficient Online Calendar for the Busy People

    Keep&Share is a perfect tool for keeping all your events and reminders online. If you are a busy individual, this tool might be beneficial to you. Find out more by reading this post.

    Main Description

    Unfortunately, the free version of Keep&Share is no longer available. On the other hand, they still have the free trial period for those who would like to test the service.

    Keep&Share is actually a free and online calendar that you can keep to yourself or even share it with your friends. It has a lot of useful features and it is very easy to use. However, you might find it too limiting with getting only one calendar.

    Let us talk about the usage of Keep&Share online calendar. Creating a Keep&Share online calendar is very easy to do. You only have to enter a name, put holidays if you wish, and then select whether you want the calendar to commence on Saturday or Monday.

    Once you have setup the calendar, you can then enter some events. Click on the specific day that you want to put an event and start typing. The area where you type in is a little word processor that provides you with formatting tools to set some events apart from each other. You can also add icons or pictures if you wish.

    The calendar can be viewed in day, week, month, or event view and is sharable with others in view-only or as a calendar that they can also put some entries.

    Keep&Share On the Go

    Keep&Share features a mobile website, which you can login from anywhere using your phone or tablet. Currently, there is no mobile application available but the mobile website is already nice and gets the job done well.

    You can receive reminders through emails about events. You can also control when you receive email reminders. You can also choose to receive daily calendar update through email. This is perfect if you are sharing calendars.

    Other Features of Keep&Share

    Keep&Share is not just an ordinary online calendar. It is filled with fun stuffs to play around with. You can also utilize this service to share your photos and files, make to do lists, and store online databases.

    What People Think About Keep&Share

    With the trial Keep&Share account, you only get one access to their online calendar. This could be limiting but that is what you can only get with the trial version. There are also some advertisements with the trial version but some people did not find them intrusive. Many people love the mini word processor that is used for inputting events. They can customize their events to make them look how they want it to be.


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